Making travel arrangements for a trip be it business or vacation is something that most people will have to do many times over the course of their lives, but for those who are new to the process, it can seem intimidating and confusing.

More than that, making thoughtful, well-planned arrangements can help to reduce stress and make the vacation or business trip more productive. When making arrangements for a trip, AKITA consider following to make the process more efficient for the client.

Preliminary Itinerary

We help you plan your activities from the day you get out of the plane to the day of return. We give you the schedule in advance based on your preferences and areas of interests. Your travel itinerary is always flexible to your taste.

Convenient Flight Times

The flight times that are selected for your trip are critical. Our agents will give you a variety of flights schedules from the different airlines that offer the most affordable and convenient flights

Tailored Tour Packages

Whether you are traveling on a business trip, our you are just making a quick stop over, We have tailored tour packages for you to select from. Our packages comes as low as for an hour city visit. This allows you to go back with memories.

Hotel Reservations

Knowing which hotels to stay over in destinations you have never been to is a challenge to most travelers. We take into account the location, security and convenience of the hotels. With many options for clients to select from.

Pickups and Transfers

From the moment you step out of the plane, we shall have an agent ready waiting to pick you and take you to your hotel or destination. All our travel arrangements include a complimentary pickup and drop unless a clients opts out. 

VISA processing

Help help you in processing VISAs for your trips, for those countries that require individual processing of VISA, our agents will help and guide you through the entire process. We offer you all the documents required from our side.