Uganda Wildlife Education Center

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Within a 40-minute drive from Kampala a visit to the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre in Entebbe is fun, for both young and old. The center is always interesting at quite an affordable entry. The place is well located in Entebbe with a legendary cool breeze off the shores of Lake Victoria to keep you

UWEC is a sanctuary of sorts giving you a welcome opportunity to learn from experts about Uganda’s wildlife before you venture upcountry. Most of the major species are represented here.

Most of the Wildlife across Uganda is well represented at the Wildlife Education Centre in Entebbe. From the cat family; lions, leopards; to antelopes and different bird species, visitors enjoy learning all about the biodiversity in a one-stop centre.

Chimps and monkeys are amazing charming primates, and like playing around to anything that challenges their intellectual capacity. Visitors to UWEC get entertained by these species.

The peacock cannot help showing off its rich plumage & sundry to all its visitors, but don’t miss to see the fiercely independent African Fish Eagle with its supremacy in the skies.


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